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Basketball Moe Inc.

Want to play basketball?

Playing basketball is a great way to stay fit and have fun with new and old friends. 

Established in 1979, Basketball Moe Inc. is a local, solely volunteer operated basketball association that provides junior and senior players the opportunity to play and learn the skills of the game of basketball in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We strive to build continued improvement in basketball in our local area by creating opportunities for all persons involved in the game to develop their skills and knowledge through our development programs and through the promotion of Basketball Victoria’s high performance pathways.

Basketball Moe Inc. promotes and encourages a range of positive values such as fair play, integrity, equal opportunity and inclusion, good sporting conduct and a sense of community.

Each year we facilitate a Summer and Winter season in both our junior and senior domestic basketball competitions. Each seasons typically consists of approx. 16 rounds (exlcuding finals games). 


Contact Hollie via email on for more information.

Finding a team?

What are the costs involved?

There are a few costs to consider when looking to start participating in a basketball team.

It is wise to budget for the following expenses, keeping in mind that fees are subject to change seasonally:

Registration Fees

For Junior players:

    • Season Registration Fee: $71.50 (paid per season)
    • Basketball Victoria Affiliation Fee: $29.00 (paid annually)
    • Basketball Australia Game Development Levy: $5.50 (paid annually)

For Senior players:

    • Season Registration Fee: $88.00 (paid per season)
    • Basketball Victoria Affiliation Fee: $43.00 (paid annually)
    • Basketball Australia Game Development Levy: $5.50 (paid annually)


    • for 3rd & subsequent immediate family members registering to juniors and/or seniors: $20 (Each eligible member can only have the $20 discount applied ONCE)
    • for juniors and/or seniors registering to multiple teams: $20 (per extra team registering to)

Stadium Fees
This is paid to Latrobe Leisure by players each week upon entry to the stadium

For Competition Games:

    • $5.10 per game for juniors
    • $7.00 per game for seniors
    • $5.20 per game concession

For Training Sessions:

    • $4.00 per session for juniors
    • $4.90 per session for seniors
    • $4.10 per session concession

These costs will vary from team to team, depending on the training venue and the duration of the training session. Typically, only junior teams train and training is the responsibility of the individual teams to organise.

Uniform costs

Uniform costs will vary from team to team. We suggest budgeting between $40-$50 for a reversible playing singlet.  Some teams purchase matching shorts (approx. $30-$40) but most teams opt for plain black shorts (no pockets).

Uniforms are the responsibility of the individual teams to organise and submit for approval to the association.

What nights is the competition held on?

Whilst this can change from season to season, we aim to be as consistent as possible with the nights that games are played on.

Junior games are played on Wednesday and Friday nights, depending on age group. Junior games commence from 5:00pm on Wednesdays and 4:40pm on Fridays. 

Senior games are played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday nights, depending on grade. Senior games commence from 6:00pm and the last time slot can start as late as 8:45pm.

You can check out our current fixtures here to get a better idea of our competition structure.

What size basketball should I buy?

The game ball that is used for our domestic competitions varies depending on the age / division you participate in. To assist with player development, we recommend you purchase the correct size basketball – especially for junior players.

Age Group / DivisionBasketball
U8s, U10s & U12s Boys & GirlsSize 5
U14s (C Grade) Boys & GirlsSize 6
U16s (B Grade) & U18s (A Grade) GirlsSize 6
U16s (B Grade) & U18 (A Grade) BoysSize 7
Senior Womens CompetitionSize 6
Senior Mens CompetitionSize 7

*the approximate costs listed on this page are as at April 2024 and are subject to change at anytime.


Registration Fees must be paid prior to taking to the court for your first game. Registration fees can only be paid online, links to the registration payment forms are readily available on our website. We do not accept cash payments.

Each team is allocated a ‘unique team link’ which is required for player registration online, if you do not know your team link, contact the team coach.