Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023

Basketball Moe Inc. would like to advise all members that the 2023 Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 29th August at 7:00pm in the Auditorium at Lowanna College.

All members are welcome, but you must register via the link below before 5:00pm on the 15th August 2023 to be able to attend and vote.
All teams are reminded that a team representative must attend the AGM to avoid losing premiership points.
Individuals are unable to represent multiple teams.
Please note:
With the exception of questions surrounding our Financial Statement (which will be received and considered at the AGM), any questions must be submitted in writing (no later than 14 days prior to the meeting) via the RSVP form linked below.
Nominations are called for the Election of Office Bearers / Board Members:
Vacant Positions:
🏀 President (2 Years)
🏀 Vice President* (1 Year, Casual Vacancy)
🏀 Secretary* (1 Year, Casual Vacancy)
🏀 Treasurer (2 Years)
🏀 Junior Representative (2 Years)

🏀 General Committee x 2 (1 Year)

* Nicholas Cleef has tendered his resignation as Secretary (effective from the 30th August 2023). Matt Beatson has tendered his resignation as Vice President (effective 22nd August 2023)

Completed nomination forms can be found below and must be returned to the Secretary via email before 5:00pm on Tuesday 22nd August 2023.