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Basketball Moe Inc.

Honour Board

Basketball Moe Inc. recognises the importance of countless volunteers who have made a significant contribution to our club over the years.

Life Members

Life Membership is the highest honor which can be bestowed for longstanding and valued service to Basketball Moe Inc.

The following individuals have been awarded Life Membership of Basketball Moe:

Lynn Lusk Snr
John Woods
Hans Clerks
Judy Walsh
Richard Walsh
Barb Smith
Pauline Smith
Roz Maggs
Sue Proctor
Mary Hutchins
Val Dukes
Nonie Cruwys
Peter (Goose) Griffiths
Lesley Meikle
Andrea Jakeaways
Matt Dukes
Mick Maye – 2013
Mark Van Dyk – 2015
Alan Garraway – 2015
Megan Robinson – 2015
Michelle Vandersteen – 2017
Kerry Van Bruegel – 2017
Laurie Plunkett – 2021
Rob Raymond – 2021
Matt Demczuk – 2021
Brett Cornish – 2021
Nicholas Cleef – 2021