Important messages regarding return to Junior Competition

Dear Members,

I am writing to share some important messages with you in regards to the return of Junior Domestic Basketball competitions at Moe, with our Summer season commencing on Wednesday 25th November.


Our current priority is to get the kids back on the floor this week, therefore we have only released fixtures for round 1 games at this stage.

They are available online via PlayHQ here:

We are yet to make decisions on the season length, finals games etc. We will advise you on those matters as soon as we can.


Individuals who were financial members in our cancelled Winter season do not need to register again this week. We have automatically rolled these participants over to the new season, using the $21.00 AUD credit that was issued to all registered members upon cancelling the previous season.

Those who are new to our competition (or did not compete in the Winter 2020 season) will need to complete the online registration process prior to 4:30pm on Wednesday 25th November.

The fee payable to the association is $21.00 AUD.
New players may also be required to pay the Basketball Victoria annual participant license fee of $25.00 AUD, depending on their individual circumstances.

To register, please use your teams unique registration link found here:

Please note:
There will potentially be a further registration component payable by ALL PARTICIPANTS at a future date. This is yet to be determined by the committee and we will update all members once we have had the opportunity to assess our situation and make decisions in regards to the length of the season.


If your child has changed teams between the Winter 2020 season and now, you will need to contact us on so that we can manually move them into the correct team in our database. It is important you do this before 8:00pm on Tuesday 24th of November so that we have adequate time to ensure that players in these circumstances will appear on the digital scoring system.

Please include:

  • Your child’s full name
  • Previous team name and age group
  • New team name and age group


We’re excited to see you all out on the courts again, however it is important to understand that we are still operating under strict restrictions.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our return to sport guidelines which are available here:

There have been some changes since our Winter season, however to summarise:
1. Each participant can only have one parent/guardian with them in the stadium.
2. Stay home if you are unwell. Especially if you have COVID-19 like symptoms.
3. Do not arrive early. If you do, stay in your car until your scheduled start time.
4. Enter and exit through the correct doors / pathways.
5. Check in when you arrive via your phone.
6. Sanitise your hands upon entry.
7. Wear a face mask if required under government restrictions.
8. Maintain social distancing in the stadium.
9. Listen to Latrobe Leisure Centre staff and Biosafety Officers at all times.
10. Depart within 5 minutes of your session ending.
11. If you, or a family member test positive to COVID-19, notify us immediately.

As mentioned, there is still a number of things that the committee need to work through. We will keep you updated as things progress.

Until then, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through what is a very different period of change and uncertainty.

We look forward to seeing all the kids back at the stadium on Wednesday night, enjoying our great game that we all love.

Yours in basketball,

on behalf of the Committee,
Basketball Moe Inc.